Start Eclipse not validating jsp

Eclipse not validating jsp

A valid JSF application has a valid Faces configuration and JSP pages that are syntactically and semantically correct.

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A RAD v7.0 Help documentation APAR has been submitted requesting that the how-to information in this technote be provided and is being tracked as PK54665 for some future release.

This functionality relies on additional meta-data and classes being supplied by plugin providers for the tag libraries.

(see Related Information section), has been submitted to provide greater control over what files are validated.

Warning: You can only enter file names, not file directories (an Eclipse base limitation).

Use this carefully as you may not wish for every occurence of that filename in every project to be treated as a JSP Fragment.

Errors on a jsp fragment may not be relevant if the jsp include file (a fragment) is dependent on settings in the parent JSP page.